We welcome anybody who is interested in transportation (both engineers and planners) to become our club members! Our events include professional networking, field trips, socials, conferences, speaker seminars and more. Please check out our Facebook group and like our page for some recent photos of our activities, as well as add our Google Calendar to keep you updated on upcoming events. Make sure you check out our past events as well! If you are interested in becoming a member, simply do the following:

  1. Apply to our membership with the form below and pay the annual fee of $10
  2. Follow our Google Calendar for ALL of our events.

Currently, our membership fee is $10, and it comes with a free t-shirt! You can venmo ITE-UCLA or pay $10 in person at any of our events.

To download the membership form click below:

ITE at UCLA Membership Form 2018 – ’19

This year, we ask that you also sign up for international membership. This link to sign is down below:

ITE National Membership