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Thank you to all the alumni who continue to support this club! We appreciate you guys!



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Michael Weyant Sponsor

  • Michael Weyant
    I am a Structural Mechanics Masters student at UCLA, who is currently serving as the TA for CEE 180 and 181, and as the Graduate Advisor for ITE. During my time as an undergrad, ITE helped satisfy my passion for learning more about the transportation field and becoming more well connected with the very professionals who make innovation possible. This is reflected in my involvement, as I served as both Treasurer and President for the club, as well as Co-Project Manager for the ASCE Transportation Project. I have really enjoyed seeing this club flourish in the last few years, and I am really looking forward to what new achievements ITE at UCLA will reach in the near future!

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Ribeka Toda Sponsor

  • Ribeka Toda
    I’m a Double Bruin and received my B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2013 and my MURP (Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning) in 2018. I was an ITE officer as an undergrad from 2011-2013 and the TA for CEE 180 and CEE 181 from 2016-2018. ITE is how I found my love for transportation and I love watching the organization grow and flourish with every new class of students. Go Bruins and go UCLA-ITE!

Ryan Sclar Sponsor

  • Ryan Sclar
    I am a Research Analyst at the World Resources Institute, conducting and coordinating research on various transportation and electromobility topics. Prior to joining WRI, I was a planner at Crain & Associates, a transportation engineering firm in Los Angeles. I also worked as an editor for an academic transportation journal (ACCESS Magazine), serving as the Finance Chair for the Los Angeles chapter of the Young Professionals in Transportation, and worked as a consultant on a Bus Rapid Transit project in Ahmedabad, India. I served as the treasurer of ITE at UCLA while completing my Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning

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