I want to be part of ITE at UCLA! How do I get involved?

Please see the membership page. It is easy to join! We look forward to your enthusiasm and contribution.

How do we keep in touch with announcements and events of ITE at UCLA?

Please check out the News & Info page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We will post announcements and flyers at least 3 days before events. Also, you can import the event calendar into your agenda so you won’t miss our events!

What are some benefits for joining ITE at UCLA?

Transportation engineering involves multiple disciplines, as a simple project could include not only civil engineering principles, but also electrical engineering, geology, etc. Networking with the transportation industry could lead to multiple opportunities in a student’s career path. Other than expanding the networking circle, ITE at UCLA promotes exposure of different industries for students to explore. Furthermore, additional benefit for members are priority given in events. For field trips, conference, and guest speakers, we give our members first priority when the sign-up space is limited.

Are the events only open to members?

No. Events are opened to everyone who is interested. You are more than welcome to attend, and please feel free to bring your friends.

Does joining this club have any relation with ITE?

When you pay the $20 annual fee, your payment will contribute to the operation costs of running the club, and you are registered as a member of ITE at UCLA Student Branch.  However, it will not register you as a member of ITE.  To associate yourself with ITE, you can either 1)Register directly on ITE.org, search for student registration forums, or 2) Register with ASCE at UCLA and place ITE as an affiliated association on their application.

Why do we require an annual fee?

Membership fees help pay off the dues we acquire from hosting information sessions, and cope with our club’s sustainability on campus.